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Follow these easy steps, to create a soft centered chocolate. 

You can use any mould that has a deep filling area

See our Selection of Moulds suitable for Soft Centered Fillings

How to use

Basic Application:

Step 1. Using a paintbrush, small teaspoon or your finger, paint the base and sides of the mould so that you form a chocolate shell.  Let it set for a few minutes.


Step 2.  Place a small amount (teaspoon size) of fondant creme into the middle of the shell.  Ensure you don't overfill the mould with fondant otherwise it will make it difficult to fill with chocolate and the fondant will burst out of your finished chocolate.


Step 3.  Fill the remainder of the mould with melted chocolate.  Gentle tap it on the bench to remove any air bubbles and let it set.


Once fully set - remove the pieces from the mould and enjoy.  When you bite into your chocolate you should have a lovely sweet creme centre bursting into your mouth.


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