Easter Chicks Cupcake Toppers





Make 6 Easter chicks

-     125g White Satin Ice
-     50g Orange Satin Ice
-     50g Black Satin Ice
-     ¼ tsp Roberts Confectionery Yellow Powdered Food Colour
-     5cm Round Cookie cutter
-     Small Leaf cutter
-     Small Star cutter
-     No. 10 Round Piping nozzle
-     6 Vanilla Cupcakes
-     Buttercream Frosting tinted with Roberts Confectionery Passionfruit Flavoured Food Colouring

Step 1
Roll a small amount of White Satin Ice Fondant into 12 tiny balls. Gently flatten with your finger.

These will be used for the whites of the eyes.

Step 2
Colour the remaining white fondant with the Roberts Confectionery Yellow Powdered Food Colour

and roll approximately 21cm x 16cm. Use the round cookie cutter to cut 6 discs.

Step 3
Use the small leaf cutter to cut 12 wings.

Use a sharp knife to cut 6 x V shapes to use for the top of the chicks head.
Step 4Roll the Orange Satin Ice approximately 21cm x 16cm.

Cut 6 small triangle to create the beaks. Take the small star cutter and cut 12 stars.

These will become the feet.

Step 5

Pick up a star with your fingers and join 2 points together to create a web like foot.

Step 6

Roll the Black Satin Ice to a thickness of 2-3mm.

Use the small end of the piping nozzle to cut 12 eyes.

Hold each disc between your fingers and gently mould into a slight oval shape.

Use edible glue or water to attach the whites of the eyes to the black dot.
Step 7

Using edible glue or water, attach the wings, beak and eyes and to the front of yellow disc.

Attach the feet and feathertop behind the yellow disc to give a neat finish. Leave to dry.

Step 8
Pipe a generous swirl of buttercream frosting tinted with Roberts Confectionery

Passionfruit Flavoured Food Colouring on the top of each cupcake.

Gently place your Easter Chicks on top of each cupcake. 

Tip: For best results make your Easter Chicks in advance so they have time to dry and harden.

This way they will sit nicely on your cupcakes.

Happy Baking and Happy Easter!




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