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Get into the spirit of St Patrick's Day on Tuesday 17th March!

Here's a sweet and simple recipe for Shamrock Chocolates:


 Makes approx. 15 – 20 Chocolates


Optional Glitter Decoration


Silver edible dust  & edible glue


Step 1

Roll the Green Satin Ice Fondant to approx. 21cm x 16cm.Use the Heart Cutter to press into the fondant to create lots of clover petals.
If the hearts stick to the cutter use the lollipop stick / skewer to gently poke them out.You will need 4 hearts per clover
One of the hearts will be used for the stem.

Step 2

Cut some of the hearts in half down the center. Mould into a stem shape using your fingers.
Flatten the wider end with your finger. Later you will attach the hearts to this piece.

Step 3

To assemble your clovers, paint the wider end of the stem with a small amount of edible glue or water.
Attach the three points of the hearts to the stem.
Place your finished clover onto paper towel to dry.

Step 4

Melt the Roberts Confectionery Milk Chocolate using your preferred method on the back of the packet.
Fill each chocolate mould with half tsp chocolate.
Use a brush to paint the chocolate up the sides of the mould. Place into the fridge to set.

Step 5

Fill your chocolates with a small amount of Roberts Confectionery Peppermint Creme Fondant.
eaving enough room to cover with chocolate.Fill to the top with melted chocolate and place back into the fridge to set (approx 15 – 20min).
To remove the chocolates turn the mould over onto a piece of baking paper.

Step 6

Attach the Green Clovers to your chocolates using a small amount of melted chocolate or chocolate ganache.

Optional glitter decoration

Paint each clover with a thin layer of edible glue or water. Dip your dry brush into the edible silver glitter.
Hold the brush above each clover and gently tap with your finger.
This method will give you an even coating of glitter.


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